Data Center Services

Total Solutions Group specializes in:

  • UPS/Generator Power Redundancy
  • Datacenter/Server Room Cooling
  • Cabling

Data Center Services

Our certified experts can install or expand your ethernet switching fabric to support production data center systems as well as corporate servers or workstations. We can connect your local network to the Internet or other branch office and datacenter networks through a variety wide-area circuit technologies and advanced routing techniques. Naturally, these technologies can be implemented in a highly redundant and fault-tolerant manner should your needs require advanced levels of reliability; our capabilities range from simple fail over of internal network applications to global distributed high-availability for mission critical production services. Network Discovery - Documentation, Threat Assessment, Vulnerability Scanning What if your existing network is running smoothly, but lacks accurate documentation? Are you confident that your systems are secure and protected from unauthorized access? Our specialists can audit your infrastructure, generate thorough reports, and ensure that your servers are up-to-date on all available security patches and that your network is hardened against vulnerabilities.

Most importantly, our methodology and expert staff combines practical knowledge and expertise needed to ensure your data center remains cool and available.

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